Environmental Stewardship

GIBY is a Maine-certified Clean Boat Yard & Marina, recognized as an environmentally responsible business that has voluntarily adopted measures to reduce pollution. Having pledged to do our part to keep Maine’s waterways free of harmful chemicals, excess nutrients, and debris, GIBY continues to identify opportunities and implement best management practices to control pollution associated with: storm water runoff; erosion; sedimentation; boat maintenance and repair; fueling and petroleum activities; waste recycling, disposal and storage; and boat sewage. In fact, GIBY offers FREE pump outs to all marina members and guests.

Through commonsense environmental stewardship, GIBY is helping to preserve and improve the natural resources upon which we and the boaters we serve depend for continued success and enjoyment. 

To this end, GIBY supports the good work of the Quahog Bay Conservancy (QBC) both in spirit and in practice. We assist with fueling and maintaining the QBC fleet, we support and promote QBC’s mobile pump out boat, and we provide in-water space for the QBC oyster upweller, where millions of oyster seedlings get their start in a fruitful life of water filtration on Quahog Bay!


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