A Passion for Her Craft

Kaylyn, has a passion for her craft. Her love for wooden boats was first kindled when she fell for the classic vessels of mid-coast Maine. The flames were fanned when she later took a job sailing the same schooners she so admired. Wanting to know more about these wooden beauties, Kaylyn eventually enrolled in a woodworking program at the Carpenter’s Boat Shop in Pemaquid. After graduating, she taught wooden boat building to youth and then went to work in the industry wherever needed, as a rigger, varnisher, and carpenter. She grew her skills, refitting wooden boats alongside other carpenters and shipwrights. Her work in boat yards was followed by a two-year hiatus. During that time, she taught third grade in Florida and squeezed in some boat deliveries between Maine and the Bahamas.

Now, Kaylyn is back among friends, tackling carpentry projects at GIBY. She’s thrilled, and so are we! This winter, Kaylyn is involved in a number of interesting projects, including replacing 20 frames on a 1947 Alden 47 ketch and repairing the toe rails on a Bridges Point 24. Recently, she prepared the Bridges Point rails for dry-fitting and fastening. These are now in place and the boat is ready to be painted.

Originally scheduled for just the Awlgrip paint job, the boat’s worklist was expanded this fall to include the carpentry repairs, after the owner reported that his boat had been hit by another while sitting on its mooring in a nearby harbor. The “T-bone” strike resulted in a splintered mahogany toe rail.

To repair the damage and improve the overall integrity of the rail, Kaylyn used a 10:1 scarf joint, noting that the previous rail had a less-than-adequate, 45-degree joint. For visual continuity, she also repaired, replaced, and/or reconditioned the rails surrounding the damaged area. Next, a new teak cockpit grate will be fabricated. A Mahogany Red Awlgrip finish on the hull will ultimately be complemented by a build-up of several coats of varnish on the new mahogany rails.


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Charlie and Isy

If Kaylyn is working there, we might have to haul our SV Good Juju there for any needed repairs. Y’all are lucky to have her working for you.
Kaylyn, dearie, big smooches and hugs from me and Isy. XXX


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