Bring Us Your Used Sails!

We Support Harpswell Islands School - Sea BagsIn 2010 we launched a new fundraising project, which continues to be running successfully.  Great Island Boat Yard teamed up with Sea Bags of Portland, ME to turn donated, used sails into funding for the local Harpswell Islands School.  One program supported by this fundraiser is a certified Red Cross Water Safety Swimming Course for EVERY K-5 student in the Harpswell Islands Elementary School.  

The town of Harpswell has forty seven islands and over two hundred miles of coastline.  Water safety is an important and worthy program for these children.

Your used sails can be dropped off at the yard or you can call us and we’ll arrange a pick-up.  We also keep a stock of several styles and sizes available for purchase in our ship’s store, and all of the profits go to this fundraiser.  Each bag comes with a special stamp on the inside.  Thanks for your support!



Amanda Kievet

Hi, I’m looking to buy used sails to repurpose the fabric into backpacks. I am a backpack designer and I am trying to move toward more environmentally-friendly sources for my waterproof and durable fabric, and I thought I’d look to upcycling already-existing products, like sails. If you have any sails that would fit this bill or if you know someone else I could contact, I’d much appreciate it! Thanks!

Kristin Peterson

Sorry, we already work with Sea Bags and 100% of the revenue generated by bags sold form customers’ donated sails goes to a local learn-to-swim program for kids in our coastal community…


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