Close Quarters

It’s a good thing the GIBY team is a friendly, tightknit crew, because it’s often close quarters at the end of a major refit project, especially during final assembly. That’s certainly been true over the last few weeks aboard this 1947 Alden 47. Our team of carpenters, painters, systems techs, and mechanics have been squeezing into and sharing some unlikely spaces in their effort to get this boat launched on schedule.

New planks, frames, and stringers were put in this past winter. More recently, deck supports were installed, filling and fairing was completed, and a high-build primer was applied in preparation for painting the hull. While final steps are being taken to bring the exterior of this classic back to life, a team of GIBY carpenters, mechanics, and systems people are all below, reassembling the interior, rehanging the cockpit deck, installing new thru-hull fittings, remounting the rehabbed engine, rewiring the boat, and connecting hoses. It’s all hands on…or, in this case, below deck! Go team. An eager, grateful boat owner awaits.


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