Commemorating 10 Years

Steve and Stephanie threw a party for the crew last Friday – this is the 10th holiday season we’ve celebrated under their leadership.  So, just for fun, we split into groups and played a few rounds of Kahoot!  All of the questions had something to do with the number 10, and the custom game was designed by Gavin Rowe, whose teachers creatively employ this fast-paced game in classes at Mt. Ararat Middle School.  Who knew the Korean language has ten vowels in it?  The light competition had us shouting quick answers and laughing throughout.  

As an added bonus, the festive poinsettias decorating the office this year were purchased as part of a fundraiser for Gavin’s school.  It’s a GIBY tradition for the crew to bring home a poinsettia to share with their families at Christmas time.  And of course we all enjoyed a beautiful spread of homemade pies, which arrived still warm from our local market, the Veggie Corner in Harpswell.  Delicious!

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