Connecting the Dots

We never know where the stories we share might lead. Last week, we enjoyed the result of two friends connecting the dots about work we’re doing on a 1947 Alden ketch that’s currently in our Refit Bay. After one man read about the project online, he contacted his freind, who then phoned us, willing and eager to share his excitment about the reframing work our team is doing on ALIANZA. He could not have been more pleased to see the boat being cared for and loved.

“I was lucky enough to own ALIANZA for six years, in the 1970s. What you have done for ALIANZA is terrific, wonderful work. I wonder if you, and perhaps the current owner, would enjoy some of the old photos I have? I also have a Yachting magazine article introducing the boat, circa 1946. Such great memories!”

After he hung up the phone, he sent us an email. Attached were some old pictures of ALIANZA, a scan of the article he referenced, and a photograph of a painting that hangs on his wall.

Our crew has since printed out a paper copy of that painting. It’s now aboard ALIANZA, on display in the middle of the work zone, serving as inspiration!

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