Easy Come, Easy Go

Two former sailors, now power boating in their retirement years, have discovered the secret to “easy come, easy go” boating…a bow thruster! The discovery came after GIBY installed a SidePower thruster in their Lyman-Morse Hunt 42 last summer. 

“The bow thruster has been the difference between horribly tense dockings and a piece of cake,” says Will, the boat owner and captain.

Travelling north and south along the east coast during the shoulder seasons, Will and his wife regularly pull in and out of a variety of unfamiliar slips and marinas, in whatever conditions exist at the time. This can be stressful. But, with their new bow thruster, their trip south to Charleston last fall was a different story. Suddenly, they had extra confidence when docking, the ability to finesse landings, and the option to steady the boat while casting off and securing dock lines.

It’s safe to say their only regret is not having installed one sooner!

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