A Little Harbor 53 that is undergoing a complete, multi-year refit at Safe Harbor Great Island is now beyond the demo phase and well into the starting-to-look-new phase. Today, CASHEW was rolled out of the Paint Bay with a freshly finished Awlgrip hull, deck, and house complementing the boat’s new teak decks and fully restored brightwork. Fresh paint was also applied to the mast, boom, and spreaders which are now ready to receive all new running and standing rod rigging. While hardware is being reinstalled on the deck, mast, and boom, an extensive list of systems, electrical, and mechanical updates continue to take shape on board. These include: a new electronics package; LED engine room, head, and galley lights; new refrigeration and ac units, new plumbing and thru-hulls, new wiring and batteries – and much more. This boat will be sailing again in 2022 – as a lovely new version of its beautiful old self.

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