Friday Mug-Up

An end-of-week treat! The Vagabond Coffee Truck is coming to Iris Eats / Safe Harbor Great Island, Friday, 4/22, 8:00 – 3:00. Stop by and pair specialty coffee with gourmet comfy food. Serving out of a classic 1949 International milk truck, Vagabond features Nitro Cold-Brew coffee, teas, chais, and more. All products are organic and fair trade. Friday is a great day for a Mug-Up, don’t you think?

A Mug-Up, on board a ship, traditionally meant to pick up your mug while being served to prevent spills, especially during choppy or large seas. The term was used in coastal communities by the mid-1800s to describe any coffee break throughout the day. Mug-Ups have always been an important part of life for fishermen, serving as an opportunity to warm up, fuel up and, of course, swap fishing stories!

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