GIBY Hosts Systems Students From The Landing School

On a gorgeous fall day, our crew hosted the Systems Students from The Landing School for an opportunity to experience a “day in the life” of a working yard.  The students split into four groups and rotated between viewing two refits, on a Concordia and a Grand Banks; and touring the GIBY shops – systems, rigging, carpentry, mechanical/tooling, and the spray booth.  Our techs led discussions throughout the tours about certification and compliance, safety and reliability, attention to detail, taking initiative and giving great service.  Everyone observed the rigging crew unstepping the mast on a Hinckley 51 before being treated by the school to a working lunch.  Afterwards, there were hands-on opportunities in the afternoon as part of the decommissioning process onboard a Hylas 49, a Grand Banks 46, a Fleming 55, and a Hinckley Talaria 42.  We look forward to welcoming students again next year in what has become an annual event here at Great Island Boat Yard.

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