Real-Time Project Management

At GIBY we never stop searching for ways to improve our operational efficiency and project management methods. We believe that continually improving and refining our processes improves the quality of our work and, ultimately, dictates what kind of customer experience we deliver. Recently, GIBY co-owner, Steve Rowe, introduced GIBY’s latest service management innovation, a real-time, digital command center.

Rather than printing and manually distributing weekly work schedules, and boat launch and ready-by dates, this critical information is now updated and projected live, for real-time reference, allowing project managers and techs  the ability to adjust, report, and respond to what’s actually happening in the field, digitally. Along with GIBY’s daily service calendar, weather radar, tide, and wind data are broadcast via a shared drive and displayed on a cluster of five flat-screen monitors located in GIBY’s Main Office common space.

“This new, modern management system removes the redundancy of entering similar information, multiple times, on multiple platforms – information that is essentially ‘out of date’ the moment it’s printed,” says Steve.

Other information that appears on the new monitors includes customer feedback and testimonials, birthday wishes, special events, and various goal-setting graphs.

“Getting better, by coming up with new ways to do business is one of the most rewarding parts of running this boat yard,” says Steve. “Sometimes we buy a piece of equipment that makes the work go faster or improves quality…and sometimes we develop a system that makes us say, ‘Why haven’t we always done this?!’”


Peter M. Olympia, Jr.

Steve—why not make a condensed or some version of this information made available to the individual boat owner via the inter net? That way, without calling or trying to hunt down a particular person an owner could find out the current status of their vessel. Work progress, anticipated launch/hauling date etc. Everyone at GIBY has always been very responsive to me and my questions but having current status availablity could turn out to be more efficient for GIBY and helpful to the owner.

Kristin Peterson

Interesting idea, Peter! Maybe that’s the next phase of evolution for this new tool. I’ll share with Steve for consideration. Thanks for the feedback.


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