Hinckley 51 | Three Phase Exterior Refit

The latest project to emerge from the GIBY Paint Bay represents the completion of “Phase Two” of a three phase cosmetic refit of a Hinckley 51. Phase One was to refinish the mast. Phase Two was to refinish the deck. And Phase Three, next year, will be to refinish the hull. In preparation for this year’s exterior work, hatches and dorade boxes were removed and refinished, and all of the hardware was reomved and sent out for rechroming. In additon, the instrument panel was relocated in the cockpit for easier access and a new port light was installed. To address the challenges of refinishing a 31 year old deck (1985), the GIBY team hand-sanded the surface and coated all with a West System epoxy to provide a hard-block barrier coat. Next they applied high-build and sanded and applied the primer coat. To repair dings in the non-skid, the team cut in the diamond pattern by hand to match the existing deck finish. The final coat of paint, transformed the deck to like-new condition!

“There is no other boat yard I would trust to work on CATHERINE,” says her owner, Kimberly. “I also like the fact that GIBY has such a wide range of boats in their care. Someone always has a good idea of what will work on my boat, from cosmetic issues to systems. I’ve worked with boat yards that have been essentially hostile to showing me ANYTHING about my boat. But the GIBY team has spent a ton of time with me and are always happy to go over and explain in GREAT detail anything I have a question about.”


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