Hyrdrovane & Hydrogenerator Combo

In preparation for this year’s Bermuda One-Two Race, the GIBY team installed a Hyrdrovane and Watt & Sea Hydrogenerator aboard a Spirit CR 47.

“It was important to the owner that the components of the combined unit be easily removable and also match the existing aesthetics of the boat,” says Graham, the boat’s Service Manager.

To meet these goals, our crew fabricated fairing blocks and backing plates to match the hull paint, transom varnish, and highly-polished hardware onboard.

The Hydrovane unit will allow for steering a course to the wind, but will also act as an emergency rudder, if needed.

With the addition of the Watt & Sea Hydrogenerator, the owner will also gain the ability to charge his batteries even while under sail. The hydrogenerator has a controlled pitch prop, minimal drag, and optimal energy output at 5 to 30 knots. When the batteries are charged, the unit stows up and out of the water.

It’s clean. It’s green. And it’s ready for the next Bermuda One-Two.

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