New Faces at GIBY

Shannon joined our team in January 2018 to manage GIBY’s accounts receivable responsibilities. After nearly a decade of living on Chebeague Island and working at CIBY (not GIBY), both in the office and as a rigger, Shannon recently moved back to the mainland. She brings with her an extensive boating background. Her practical knowledge and familiarity with the lingo serves her well when preparing customer bills. Highlights from Shannon’s days underway include sailing and rigging for Disney, on ships used for filming Pirates of the Caribbean II, III & IV, and operating a water taxi in Boston.

Brian joined our team this spring, taking over the role of heavy equipment operator. Having served in a similar capacity at Yarmouth Boat Yard, Brian is more than qualified, but he has big shoes to fill! He relieves Jeff Goodenow, who retired in March, after 38 years in the driver’s seat! No worries. We have full confidence in Brian. He is a Maine Maritime grad who has also spent time at sea working aboard fishing vessels in Alaska. Now that’s hard core!

Eliza, Raheem & Shawn each joined our yard operations crew over the last year. Eliza started nearly a year ago and comes from a collegiate sailing background; she still races, currently aboard a J-24. Shawn and Raheem are both seasoned boat yard hands. They worked together previously at Bamforth’s Marine. Teammates once again, Shawn and Raheem aren’t just hard workers, they’re also really nice guys! Between them, they have cared for and repaired countless small to mid-range boats and have commissioned just as many new outboard engines. At GIBY, they’re enjoying the opportunity to work on larger scale vessels.

Jeff joined our systems team last year. He has worked in the marine industry for 15 years, 11 at Hodgdon Yachts. While technically a “systems guy”, Jeff is truly a jack-of-all trades and is equally skilled as a yacht electrician and carpenter. Jeff’s ability, and flexibility, is an asset to GIBY. No matter how sophisticated the job, we haven’t been able to stump him yet!

Jesse joined our crew last year, bringing with him 15 years of diesel engine overhaul experience. After several years at Milton CAT, Jesse is now embracing the opportunity to cross-train on new products as part of the GIBY team. He has already fulfilled several training requirements across a broad spectrum of product lines, the most recent certificate coming from Volvo-Penta for his VPA-IPS proficiency. Though once a “truck guy”, we think it’s safe to say, Jesse already has his sea legs!


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Philip and Sharon Merlier

I have to say, my husband and I were originally attracted to GIBY for its quality management/services. I am glad to see that nothing is changing.

A hearty welcome to all the new peeps!

Kristin Peterson

We miss seeing beautiful SOMERLED in Orrs Cove! Glad she’s captured in this image.


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