New GIBY Storage Facility!

The new storage building – located about a 1/4 mile down the road from our yard – is on schedule and we expect to be moving boats in by October 15th.

Harry C. Crooker’s crew has done a fantastic job transforming the site for the new building.  

The first load of building materials arrived on August 5th – watching the delivery trucks unload the material was quite a sight.  A week later the first load of trusses were offloaded and set.  The following week, the rest of the trusses were set and the roofing followed.  Now we had a building!

Siding, trim, cupolas and windows filled in to reveal a building that blends nicely into the setting.

The wrap-up includes installing insulation and doors, electrical/heating and plumbing, the paving and final landscaping – all happening in the next 4 weeks.


Graham Wright – Project Manager

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