New Marine Refinishing Specialist Opportunity

GIBY brightwork 

Great Island Boat Yard is looking for a new employee to join our paint and varnish crew.  As we continue to grow the quantity and the QUALITY of the yachts in our care, brightwork has become more and more important.  We are very fortunate to have customers who appreciate the beauty of varnished wood and we are committed to delivering the highest caliber finishing service.  Applicants should have a minimum of five years full time marine finishing experience.  Please see our employment tab for details on the benefits we offer.  Great Island Boat Yard is a family-run business, seeking positive, happy and self-starting individuals to join our team.  Please send resumes to:  Thank you for your interest.


Steve Miller

yard looks clean, and I love this kind of job .have been doing painting and varnishing my son and I for many years .but we are all the way in florida.just brousing seeking work and ran into this site.

Kristin Peterson

Glad you’re enjoying our site. Nice to get feedback from someone in the biz. Best of luck with your work in FL!


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