Winter Project: Last Dance – Hinckley Talaria Power Yacht LOA 42′

The owner of Last Dance is working with the GIBY Team, including Mechanical Technician Steve Dee, to repower his Hinckley Talaria with a new Cummins QSC common rail engine.  The decision to repower was made as a result of yearly oil analyses, age, and the increasing maintenance costs associated with the engine.  In preparation for the installation this winter, the old engine was removed in December.  The MAN 2828 LE engine we removed was over 25 years old.  While the engine was in good running condition at the time of removal, the maintenance costs were climbing.

Once we detected the beginnings of a coolant leak, this prompted our repower discussions.  After reviewing the options, the owner decided he would rather proactively invest in a new engine, versus continuing to maintain the old one.  With the new Cummins, the owner of the boat will be able to enjoy trouble-free operation for years now.  He also gains the added benefits of better fuel economy, reduced engine noise and advanced engine diagnostics and monitoring.  When it’s time to sell the boat, the new engine will greatly increase the boat’s marketability.

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Robert Wilkins

This has been one of the Greatest days of my life, to see “Last Dance” the Hinckley 42. She was built in 1989 and I purchased her from Hinckley in 1991 after they had taken her to the Annapolis and Miami Boat shows, then back to Southwest Harbor. I owned her for 14 years and loved every min. Still kick myself for EVER selling her. I loved that boat and used her up and down from Maine to FL at least 5 times if not more. Over to the Bahamas also.

I added 3 feet to the cockpit at Ross Boat Yard in Clearwater, FL, to bring her to the same length as the rest of the hull numbers. That MANN diesel (at least over my 14 years) was bullet proof. Always used Delvac Mobil One Synthetic Oil for as long as I had her.

She is just SO beautiful, make me want to cry in joy, to see her still on the water.

Here is my contact information if the present owner would like to reach out to me.

Robert Wilkins
Cell 856-207-1054 (living in FL).

PS, I am in the market for a new boat and have had some e-mail exchanges with Mark Bruckmann on and Abaco 40 new build.

All my best,


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