Refit: Bertram 31

Vessel: Bertram 31 Motor Yacht

Name: Happy Mama
Owner: Max R.
Hailing Port: Portsmouth NH

“I’d read an article about Great Island Boat Yard in Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors and remembered that they’d earned a reputation for high quality work and attention to detail,” says the owner of a 1973 Bertram 31, reflecting on how he had selected GIBY for his refit project. After Phase I, updating his dream boat at GIBY, he then chose the yard as the service and storage site for his vessel. Later, he wrote about his experience and posted his thoughts on his blog in an article titled “Great Island Boat Yard Gets it Right.”

Work Scope:

  • Remove cockpit deck and engines
  • Adjust valve stems on Yanmar 315 hp, 6LP engines
  • Realign engines to eliminate old vibration
  • Inspect & service steering and trim tab systems
  • Repair damaged fiberglass to support a strut
  • Replace cockpit stringers and bulkheads to stiffen the deck & make it structurally sound
  • Update GPS & transducers
  • Paint bilges
  • Change paint color scheme on exterior striping
  • Install a SeamlessMarine custom hardtop


steven Marsella

I have located a 1966 31′ Bertram that I might be able to purchase at a reasonable price. It has Gas engines that have to go…. and total interior and exterior (bilge) re-do. What potentially could I spend? Bad news up-front!

Kristin Peterson

If you would like to discuss your potential project, feel free to phone the boat yard, 207.729.1639. It’s hard for us to estimate without seeing the boat, but it would be an significant expense and investment.


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