Refit: MJM 34

Vessel: MJM 34

Name: Choripan
Owner: Barry F.
Hailing Port: Portsmouth NH

The GIBY crew put an MJM 34 together again after the boat owner experienced an unfortunate and destructive grounding in 2019. On arrival, the deck was removed for rewiring the boat, replacing the systems, installing the motor mounts, and removing and reinstalling the running gear. In addition to damage caused by the impact of the grounding, there was extensive damage found throughout the boat due to saltwater intrusion. Delivery of this project required involvement of almost every GIBY service department – fiberglass, systems, mechanical, carpentry, and paint. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of these skilled teams, the boat will depart GIBY in 2020 as good as, if not better than, new!

Work Scope:

  • Remove & replace cockpit deck
  • Refinish non-skid on pilot house and cockpit soles
  • Awlgrip starboard hull & transom
  • Remove & replace running gear
  • Rebuild strut pad & fiberglass tunnel
  • Rebuild steering shelf
  • Fabricate new bulkhead
  • Realign engine on new mounts
  • Replace corroded fuel line fittings
  • Replace hoses & sections of exhaust
  • Replace SoundDown
  • Install new starter/solenoid assembly
  • Remove & inspect turbo
  • Replace alternator
  • Modify interior joinery
  • Service steering systems
  • Replace hot water heater
  • Replace SeaFrost refrigeration unit
  • Replace SeaLand vacuum pump & macerator
  • Replace SidePower thruster motor
  • Replace engine & courtesy lights
  • Replace batteries & monitoring and charging systems





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