REFIT: Outremer 59 5X

Vessel: Outremer 59 5X

Name: Mama Tried
Owner: Guy V.
Hailing Port: South Carolina

This Outremer 59 5X travelled from Florida to Maine for GIBY to tackle several significant projects over the summer months. During the visit, the new boat owner worked closely with the GIBY team to fine-tune the work scope. Doorway heights were raised to improve overhead clearances; sliding doors were hung to improve use of interior space; the bonding system was updated to eliminate stray current; new B&G electronics were installed at the nav station and helm; the solar array was upgraded; locker storage rods were fabricated and installed; the davits were repaired and painted Jet Black; new tender hoisting lines were spliced; the rig and steering systems were inspected; and an audio/video camera was installed to improve blind-spot views of in-water activity at the bow. The genset and heater were also serviced, while hatches were rebedded and cabinets and shelving were modified.

Work Scope:

  • Troubleshoot stray current & update bonding system
  • Install audio/video camera at bow & fabricate protective cowling for camera
  • Install & interface new B&G electronics package
  • Duplicate nav station display at helm
  • Replace 30 amp shore power receptacles with 50 amp receptacles
  • Upgrade solar panel array
  • Raise overhead clearances at doors/thresholds
  • Add slider door to maximize use of space
  • Modify interior cabinets/shelving
  • Install saltwater washdown
  • Fabricate storage rods for hanging lines/fenders in lockers
  • Repair & paint dingy davits
  • Splice new davit hoisting lines
  • Inspect & service rig
  • Inspect & service steering system
  • Replace & rebed hatches
  • Install USB ports
  • Service heater
  • Service genset
  • Leather-wrap helm



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