Restoring a Classic Beauty

We’ve had the classic Alden ketch Alianza (b. 1947) in our refit bay since she arrived last fall.  The owner is passionate about restoring this beauty and repairing the leaky rudder post, centerboard trunk and mast step area.  

The original concern with the rudder post was the possibility of a rotted horn timber.  After the boat was hauled, we determined that the horn timber is OK.  However, the bronze rudder post housing was deteriorated and very loose in the timber.  A new oversize rudder housing was built and will be installed.  

The centerboard trunk measures 3′ high and 5′ long.  Unfortunately, the old trunk was in poor condition and not salvageable.  We built and installed a new trunk out of 8/4 mahogany and bronze drift pins with sealant in the tongue and groove seams.

The mast step area leaking problem was due to 40 rotted frame ends where they meet the keel.  The original plan was to scarf in new frame ends.  As the interior was removed for the scarfing job, we discovered the frames were beyond repair, and an attempt at sister frames had failed.  The only option left was to replace the 40 bad frames entirely, with laminated, steamed oak frames, and re-fasten them.  This job is currently underway.

After all the carpentry work is complete, our crew will paint and varnish inside and out, step with the new standing rigging, and then launch her on July 15th.  

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