The Right Team for the Job

All the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put this Westerly 57 together again…but the GIBY team can!

Now that the fractured bilge has been repaired, cleaned, and painted, Jeff is refabricating the support frames for the water tanks; Shawn is grinding back the area around the new keel and tabbing it in with 4-5 layers of epoxy resin; and the mechanical team is reinstalling the engine.

The boat is on track to launch on schedule this spring. Before hitting the water, however, a significant battery and electrical system upgrade is planned.

“I’ve decided to incorporate changes to the battery/electrical system for two reasons,” says the boat owner. “One, the boat was already torn apart for the grounding repair; and, two, perhaps more importantly, I am comfortable working with Steve (GIBY) on such a technically demanding project.”

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