Sabre 42, Bow Work

Shawn reattached the bowsprit on a Sabre 42 today as one of the final steps in a multi-faceted project. In the lead up to this moment, Shawn removed the sprit, dug out areas of rot, epoxy-filled the voids, and laminated pieces of coosa composite board to give the sprit new integrity. The paint crew assisted, taking care of the refinishing work.

While addressing areas of concern on the bow, Shawn also collaborated with Matt H to rebuild the boat’s anchor locker and an under-bunk stowage space which were also found to have significant rot. The threat of water migration is real, but it can be mitigated and eliminated!

The anchor locker was redesigned as part of the project, adding removable panels, to provide better access to previously hidden areas below the windlass.

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