Sea Bags for Water Safety


For the last six years, Great Island Boat Yard and Sea Bags have joined forces to support the Red Cross Water Safety Swim Program at Harpswell Community School. For every Sea Bag sold at GIBY, 100% of the profits are donated to the program. These funds help ensure that every K-5 student at the school has the opportunity to go through this comprehensive swim safety course. The Harpswell Community School Water Safety Swim Program currently serves over 180 children. As a coastal town, with 47 islands and over 200 miles of coastline, water safety is an important part of growing up here.

“Since we live on the water, and a lot of our students will ultimately choose to spend their lives working on the water, this program is extremely important,” says Program Director, Mary Beth Rowe. “Our kids are learning skills that could someday prove life-saving. Sea Bags and Great Island Boat Yard have been great. The funds they have generated over the last ten years have allowed us to keep our donation/cost per student down. We pay for pool time, transportation, a volunteer luncheon, and miscellaneous expenses. Because of partnerships like the one we have with Sea Bags and GIBY, every child at Harpswell Community School can learn to swim, no matter what.”

We invite you to join us in supporting this wonderful, worthwhile program in the following ways:

  1. Donate your used sails to Sea Bags through GIBY
  2. Buy a Sea Bag (a uniquely repurposed sail) from the Great Island Boat Yard “Ship’s Store”

We have a fresh selection in stock now, just in time for the holidays! Classic Sea Bags designs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so are some brand new exclusive products featuring the GIBY logo!

img_9575 img_9578 img_9577

Choose from our selection of large and medium boat totes, bucket bags, wine bags, and wristlet clutches.

Can’t get to GIBY in the off-season? Call us; we’ll ship product to you.

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!


Susan Ferraro

Your Blog is fantastic ! I will certainly purchase a Sea Bag. Will you post pictures of what’s available from the “Ship’s Store” ? It would probably get lots of responses.

Kristin Peterson

Are you looking for pics of what’s available now? We can share images…and remember, we get a new selection of bags whenever a GIBY member donates a sail.

Kristin Peterson

8 to 4:30 – we have a limited selecton now; I’m told we have more coming soon. We can contact you once those are in. Sea Bags has not told us when the shipment will arrive yet. Hoping for soon.

Kristin Peterson

FYI, we have a new selection of Sea Bags on the Ship’s Store shelves. Stop by, or call Leslie at our front desk if you have questions, 207-729-1639. We have lobster claw, anchor, chart, dragonfly, lighthouse, and geometric/stripe motifs in stock.


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