Soft Top Solar, Sabre 462

New solar panels by OceanPlanet Energy, Inc. have been installed atop a canvas bimini aboard a Sabre 426. While our friends at Hallett Canvas and Sails, Inc. worked to waterproof the canvas and secure the panels to the bimini, Eli, a GIBY systems tech, prepared for the boat-side connection and operation.

“Our scope was to layout, supply, and install charge controllers and wiring, and provide the necessary circuit protection from the panels to the batteries,” says Graham, Service Manager. “The driver behind the project was for the owner to be able to run the SeaFrost DC fridge/freezers while at anchor.”

The lightweight, flexible panels are perfectly suited for the soft mounting surface and allow for panel location in an area of maximum sun exposure, in a space that is otherwise unusable.

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