Tanks & An Engine, Mason 54

During a winter bilge inspection, a weeping fuel tank was detected aboard a Mason 54. To correct the problem and prevent future safety and environmental risks, the GIBY team consulted with the boat owners. The team advised: one of the aged, painted-steel fuel tanks had rotted at the welds; it would need to be replaced. Due to removal challenges, the second tank would also have to be replaced. Furthermore, access would require removing the generator and engine too! Suddenly, incorporating an inevitable engine re-power made sense. The owners agreed and authorized GIBY to replace their old Perkins with a new 110 hp Yanmar. Parts were order and work promptly commenced – with one eye trained on the boat’s scheduled launch date.

The generator and engine were disconnected and plucked from the boat, clearing access to the fuel tanks as planned, but removal would require yet another step – cutting each tank into manageable sections, small enough to fit through existing hatches. Once the extractions were complete, the team got to work on the bilge. A deep cleaning was followed by sanding and painting, making way for the new aluminum fuel tanks.

When the new engine arrived on site, reassembly began.

To date, Jesse has removed, cleaned, painted and installed the boat’s existing (2-year-old) Aqaudrive, re-purposing the driveshaft coupling from the old transmission to be used with the new.

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