The Ice Out Continues – March 27th Update

We launched our work boat this week in anticipation of the remaining ice clearing out of the cove.  Tom and Nate began installing the moorings on Wednesday.  Our crane operator, Jeff returned from vacation in Aruba on Thursday raring to go with the docks.

However – with the stack of docks still frozen together, and to the ground, the crew is having to get creative with the installation process.  This morning, Jeff decided to hop in the tractor and drive out onto the ice with the float stored at the bottom of the ramp, and just PUSH it out onto the cove.  He says he hasn’t ever done this in his 35 years working here!  Meanwhile, Nate and Tom continued with the ice breaking today.  With the forecast predicting a string of 40° plus days next week, we’re planning on moving more docks and then boats will follow.  Who says you can’t have fun at work?!

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