Updating a Lowell 35

Winter work has begun on a 1972 Lowell 35. This family-owned boat is being updated by the Safe Harbor Great Island team to improve its utility and preserve one family’s tradition of being on the water.

The owners want a good looking and sturdy lobster yacht, suitable for multi-generational use, that can simply be hosed off between trips, just as it was when used as a commercial fishing boat back in the day.

Use. Enjoy. Rinse. Repeat.

When the refit is complete, four generations of people (and two generations of black and yellow labs) will cruise the coast of Maine and the boat’s former home waters on Chesapeake Bay.

“Our goal with the refit is to keep our parents (retired sailors in their mid-80s) on the water, and have a solid, reliable and comfortable boat – so that our grandkids can teach their kids to boat on her,” says the second generation skipper. “We are super excited to have the Great Island team complete this refit.”

There is a lot of work to be done. The decks will be replaced, the hull and exterior will be painted, the bottom will be refinished, a new electronics package and windlass will be installed, a radar mast will be fabricated, windows will be replaced, the engine room will be fitted with LED lights, batteries will be updated, deck hatches will be reconfigured, a holding tank will be added, and a variety of mechanical and systems items will be serviced.

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