Updating a Marlow 61E

The Marlow 61 Explorer Lady Barbara made the trip up from Connecticut last November with a project plan that featured major refinishing work.  After grinding out plank lines, peeling all bad filler down to raw glass, filling cracks with Awlfair and completing repairs on the hull and transom…and many hours of sanding, fairing and prepping for high build – the boat was fully primed to be sprayed with several layers of Awlgrip Flag Blue top coats.  She came out of the paint bay looking shiny and new!

Other cosmetic upgrades involve taking down the double cap rails and eyebrows then building them up with multiple coats of varnish; replacing teak veneer and installing a new window on the pilothouse door; replacing trim in a few places and other carpentry repairs.

The winter work scope also includes a few minor systems repairs and updates.  When springtime comes this beauty will be ready for Down East cruising!

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