View From The Deck

With a classically beautiful September coming to an end, we are in the middle of a very active and productive time of year.  Enabled by our custom shops and propelled by the extraordinary efforts of our crew, we’re maintaining a fleet of exceptional vessels – several Grand Banks (including commissioning a brand new Eastbay), two Flemings, three Hinckley Talarias, five Bruckmann 50′ MK II motor sailors along with Hulls #2 and 3 of the Bruckmann Abaco 40, and many more.  

We’re also planning refits on a Marlow 61, a Swan 48, and a Hinckley Sou’wester, along with decommissioning, routine maintenance, and winter work on the 220 boats in our care.  This fall we are preparing an Eagle 40 to make the delivery to Bermuda and the Little Harbor 62 Aurora for sailing to Florida next month.  We are also continuing work on re-powering, designing the navigation and communications systems, awlgripping the deck and hull, and installing an all new interior for a custom around-the-world passage maker.  

The photos show some of the movement around the yard these past few weeks.  Despite the growth and diversity, we’ve never been more dialed in and focused than we are right now, and we’re having a blast.

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