We’re up. We’re down. But mostly up!

This winter, the desks at GIBY were converted to “sit/stand” units, providing the entire office team with added mobility throughout the work day. Now, with the simple squeeze of a lever all enjoy the luxury of choosing when to sit, and when to stand. This feature is already proving to be a welcome change for our healthy, active team! The ability to raise workstations is also making it easier for all to engage with customers and colleagues during visits and meetings.

Initially, to make the “sit/stand” option a success for all, some creative thinking was required, but the GIBY service team enjoyed the challenge! While most of the conversions were straightforward, and required just a simple insertion of Humanscale “float” legs, two desks called for more customized solutions: one a unique tower installation at an existing fixed counter, the other a complete modification of an existing L-shaped desk unit.

Since introducing these modern desks, we’ve been told “people are considered ‘more approachable’ when standing.” We hope you’ll agree, and find that our new “sit/stand” desks fit in nicely with GIBY’s tradition of always providing a warm, engaging welcome!

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