Zipwake Interceptor | Mochi 51

Following a grounding, one boat owner’s research led our team to investigate the Zipwake system as a possible replacement for a damaged trim tab package on a Mochi Dolphin 51. With in-kind parts no longer available for the boat’s old OEM tabs, the new Zipwake product proved appealing, as did the speed at which the interceptor systems deploy and retract.

“Zipwake interceptors move from fully retracted to fully extended in 1.5 seconds,” says Graham, the Service Manager for the boat. “That’s four to five times faster than trim tabs, which typically take six to eight seconds. The Zipwake is also simpler to install. A wire harness run aft from the dash is all that’s required. A standard trim tab package with a hydraulic cylinder system has more parts and pieces, which equals more labor and cost to the customer. This fact makes the Zipwake option a win, win.”

For this project, installing the units has required “closing out” the recessed areas where the original tabs were set and relocating some thru-hull drains.

The installation of this particular system has been collaboratively engineered by Jeff, a Great Island systems tech, a tech expert from IMTRA (the product vendor), and Matt H., a Great Island composite tech.

This intuitive, automatic control system is expected to enhance the boat’s performance and improve its fuel efficiency. According to Zipwake, “it’s almost like getting a brand new boat – in a box.”

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